Thursday, April 25, 2013

That's a Wrap!

Went by today and our house is wrapped! The last few days have been really busy around the house:

Tuesday: Finished Framing, Finished Roof
Wednesday: Low-Voltage Wiring Meeting, Started and Finished HVAC, Started Plumbing, Poured Garage Concrete
Thursday: Finished Plumbing, Low-Voltage Wiring Installed, Extra Window #3 Added, House Wrapped, Shingles Started

Coming Soon:
Friday: Finish Wiring, Maybe Finish Shingles, Cleanup Inside
Monday: Pre-Drywall Meeting

Thursday came with the surprise not only of the amount of work done, but also with the fact that we have a good shot at being a one-of-a-kind Palermo from the outside. In one of the pics, you can see a single window in the home office. In my last post I mentioned in an comment that we have what our ARB calls a "high profile lot". As such, we are required to have at least 2 windows on each side of the house. Since we didn't add any windows with our options list, our PM had to have them added. The first two were leftovers from the front of the garage (our PM also had to special order windows for the garage to match the length of the windows on the front of the main house to meet ARB standards) that were the same size as the windows in the morning room, so we received the extra side windows in the morning room. My PM gave me the lowdown on this yesterday. When he brought up the reasoning, I asked about the other side. He had thought that we had two windows on that side but I assured him we hadn't added any. He was going to check with the developer, but was pretty certain the developer would make them add one so he said that he would just add it now. He asked whether I preferred the window to be in the Master Bedroom or the Home Office. Given our layout in the master, and our desire for privacy in that room, we opted for the Home Office. I showed up today and there was a nice pretty window there for more light! The Palermo plan adds two windows to the Home Office if you get the upgrade, but seeing as though these are bonus windows, I'm perfectly happy with just one, plus it saves me having to buy blinds for one more window.

Here's some pics of the progress. Amazing what one day can bring!


  1. They got a lot done this past week!

  2. That's a lot accomplished in a week. I will give it to RH on their efficiency once the wood gets delivered and starts to go up.

  3. Wow, what a difference two days can make Brian! We'll next!!!

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    1. It is beautiful. All those windows will give plenty light to the interior of the house, plus an excellent forest view from every angle.

  5. Extra windows, and garage stairs to boot! That's really exciting! Congrats!