The Outside
Elevation D (example shown is all brick)
Partial Stone
Side Load Garage

Stone: Autumn Buckeye Fieldstone
Siding: Sandy Tan
Shake Siding: Pebble Clay

Floorplan Upgrades
Bonus Room
Morning Room
Bathroom Type E Alternate w/ Shower and Soaking Tub
12' x  14' pressure treated lumber deck

Manchester Cherry 2-1/4" strip hardwood in foyer, dining, vanity, mud room, kitchen, and morning room:

Tile in both bathrooms
Upgraded carpet (8 lb pad) throughout.

Scottsdale Maple Cognac Square Cabinets
Uba Tuba Granite countertops
Stainless Steel Appliances (Feature IV, with electric range)
Recessed Lighting
Gourmet Island

Ceiling fan rough-ins everywhere
Attic storage

I'm sure I missed something....


  1. Replies
    1. We did not get a fireplace. We looked at two models when we first talked with Ryan. On the Palermo, we didn't like the placement of the fireplace in relation to how we want to have things flow for us. On the other model (the Milan), we had more options on where to place the fireplace, but the Palermo ended up being the best option for us overall.

  2. Brian, you are lucky to get attic storage and side load garage. They did not have that option available to us.

    NICE SELECTIONS!! Is Elevation E the picture you have displayed on your blog?

    1. Yeah, the attic storage was an extra cost, but the architectural standards for the neighborhood require us to have a side-load garage. We actually had the side-load AND the bonus room as standard for our floor plan. The bonus room is standard to meet minimum SQFT requirements.

      Yes, this is the Elevation E. I have updated this page to show the colors that we selected and the type of stone we'll have on the facade.

    2. Brian I love all the architectural standards that they've added for our neighborhood. We were originally prepared to pay for the side loan garage and were thrilled when we found out there was no extra cost for it due to the standards. We also love the pebbled driveway and the in-ground sprinklers that are standard. Oh and did I mention we were the 2nd people to write a contract so we got in before the prices went up. Yipeeee!

    3. I don't remember about the in ground sprinklers but I am going to call our SR about it tomorrow!

    4. In ground front yard irrigation confirmed! Next time I go by the model that will be something I have to take a look at.

  3. Love the way the elevation looks. It will look great with the stone! Can't believe so much comes standard! That's awesome!

    1. Do you have a blog we can follow Elise?

  4. Great choices! Love the elevation - we didn't have that elevation as a choice in our neighborhood, but I probably would have chosen it if we did!

    1. Thank you! We thought long and hard about this elevation. Originally, we had Elevation E, which I believe is similar to your Elevation C, because the lot next to us had Elevation D. But, at our final sit-down with the SR, she let us know they were dropping their contract so we could pick either. Ultimately, we really liked the way the bonus room is laid out in D and went for it because of that.

  5. This is going to be beautiful! I'm so jealous your home comes with so many standards!! Congratulations!