Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lots of Updates

It has been about a week since my last update and WOW what a week!

Went to the house Thursday and the tile team had been by and completed all of our tile! It was great to see everything in place and we were especially happy to see that our listello worked well with our tile choice.

Master Bath with Tile
Master Shower with Tile
They had also framed out our driveway on Thursday, and when we stopped by on our way out of town Friday, they had the driveway poured! These pictures are from today after things had dried out a bit and the forms had been taken off.

Front Walk (the stone on the stairs still needs some work.

At the garage. Notice the cutback on the right to make backing out of the garage a little easier.

From the road.

Today was the big day for updates! Heard from a future neighbor that our granite was going on so I had to stop by and take a look at that! I was greeted by a lot more: the electrical was ALL DONE! Every light, outlet, etc...even our surround sound had been installed. And even better, the mechanical guys were messing with our HVAC system and A/C which seemed to be running! Our house is almost livable!
Great Room with speakers and thermostat installed.

Kitchen with granite and recessed lighting

Beginning of our shower glass

Master Vanity with Lights

Media closet hook ups.

Granite a little closer up. 
One thing they have been doing with our neighborhood that I haven't seen in others is taking the granite behind the sink all the way up to the breakfast bar into the morning room. It has garnered mixed reactions, but I really like it, especially since we aren't going to install a backsplash right away.

Garage light

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Stone Almost Complete

I had planned on waiting until the entire fascade was done, but the stone just looks so good I couldn't wait. Just some work to do on the steps, adding the columns, a few pieces of trim, and shutters on the stone and the exterior will be done.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Stone and Trim

Took a stormy trip out to the house on Saturday and I was rewarded for my efforts. Stone has begun and it looks FABULOUS. After seeing a few homes with our same stone, our one worry was that they would be spaced widely apart. The good news is that the stone is grouped VERY tight and we think it looks fantastic. Really happy with the work so far. It is a little darker than we first though, but the contrast with the lighter siding is something we are really excited about!

They also finished our interior trim, including the crown molding and the chair rail. It really is starting to look like a house on the inside as well as the outside. Our granite countertop for the master bath was also in place!

Autumn Buckeye Fieldstone with Sandy Tan siding and Pebble Clay shake

Front porch. The horizontal pieces are for attaching the shutters to the stone. 
Dining Room

Stair Railings

Master Bath Vanity

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Doors, Cabinets, Trim, and a Finished Deck

Another almost strictly picture update. Two days of progress yielding all our cabinets installed, trim mostly done, stairs finished in the garage, and the deck is complete! Looks like there needs to be some grading the back yard for the stairs but it all looks good! Very excited.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Deck!

We have a deck! I plan on spending many an hour grilling and chilling on this deck in the years to come so this is one of the more exciting things to see going up. Not quite complete but certainly enough to get me pumped!

In addition, they also blocked up our steps, delivered our stone and missing siding, and put the first coat of paint on the house. Next steps are stone going up and trimming out the inside!

View from the backyard

Stone delivered

Fresh Paint (I didn't go in because it was wet EVERYWHERE

With stairs up to the front

Friday, May 10, 2013

Siding Complete (Almost) and Decking Delivered

Stopped by the site with my fiance today and they are almost complete with our siding! There are some trim pieces that need to go up around the windows and on the main gable, and a little bit of siding and trim where the two roof lines meet, but other than that our siding is complete! Also, the pressure treated lumber for our deck arrived, so hopefully they will begin working on that soon.

As an added bonus, we ran into two sets of future neighbors and got to enjoy their company and tour their homes. One of them is a day ahead of us on closing time and their house is painted, with doors installed, and they were putting cabinets up while we were touring! Now we know what we have to look forward to soon.

Six weeks left till closing, but who's counting....

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Siding and Drywall

Just a picture update of some of the siding work and drywall.

Left side

Morning Room

Rear of the house. You can see the cutout in the siding for our deck.

Great Room/Kitchen Panorama

Morning Room

Media Closet

Great Room From Kitchen
Up the stairs

Bonus Room 
Master Bedroom

Upstairs Hallway

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New Ryan Homes Master Tub

In the process of our build, we were surprised to see bathtubs show up on site that are different from those in the model. As many of you know, Ryan Homes changes their standard suppliers from time to time. As it turns out we caught the new supplier cycle for tubs at the beginning. I have provided a picture of the master tub below as it shows the biggest difference. At first we were turned off by the new tub, but after doing a little research, and sitting in this new behemoth (believe me its noticeably wider and deeper and longer than the previous RH tube) we are definitely happy with the change. I've also hunted down the supplier and provided links to the products that we received as best I could, which I am assuming will become universal for RH in the near future.

Master Bath Tub

Shower Pan

Hall Bath

So Much Progress, So Little Time

I see it has been 12 days since my last update. While the outside of the house hasn't changed much, there has been a TON of progress on the inside.  All of the mechanicals are done, and a week ago we had a our pre-drywall meeting. It went great and all of our concerns were addressed. most of them had to do with cracks and holes, all of which were well sealed during the insulation phase. The pre-drywall was last Monday, then the insulation went in, we had our insulation and Energy Star inspections, and now we have drywall up and the first coat of mud on. In addition, all of our doors, cabinets, and trim have arrived, and siding has started going up! Whew, its been quite the week. I need to add my countdown clock as we are currently 45 DAYS FROM CLOSING! Now I'm getting pumped!

Morning Room Windows

Stairs up to the second floor

Doors and More!