Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lots of Updates

It has been about a week since my last update and WOW what a week!

Went to the house Thursday and the tile team had been by and completed all of our tile! It was great to see everything in place and we were especially happy to see that our listello worked well with our tile choice.

Master Bath with Tile
Master Shower with Tile
They had also framed out our driveway on Thursday, and when we stopped by on our way out of town Friday, they had the driveway poured! These pictures are from today after things had dried out a bit and the forms had been taken off.

Front Walk (the stone on the stairs still needs some work.

At the garage. Notice the cutback on the right to make backing out of the garage a little easier.

From the road.

Today was the big day for updates! Heard from a future neighbor that our granite was going on so I had to stop by and take a look at that! I was greeted by a lot more: the electrical was ALL DONE! Every light, outlet, etc...even our surround sound had been installed. And even better, the mechanical guys were messing with our HVAC system and A/C which seemed to be running! Our house is almost livable!
Great Room with speakers and thermostat installed.

Kitchen with granite and recessed lighting

Beginning of our shower glass

Master Vanity with Lights

Media closet hook ups.

Granite a little closer up. 
One thing they have been doing with our neighborhood that I haven't seen in others is taking the granite behind the sink all the way up to the breakfast bar into the morning room. It has garnered mixed reactions, but I really like it, especially since we aren't going to install a backsplash right away.

Garage light


  1. Looks amazing!! You are getting so close!

  2. It looks great!!

    They put granite above the sink to the breakfast bar in our house, too - but the jury is still out. Some days I love it, some days not so much. But is is very easy to keep clean with all the mess that happens around our kitchen sink!

  3. Looks great! I would think it would keep the back part of the sink dry and easy to wipe? I wonder if ours will be like that!

  4. I like the extra room you have in your driveway, I like the idea of the side garage but it can make getting in and out of the garage tough, the extra room will help out alot.

  5. It definitely will be tough pulling in. My fiance did a dry run, and there's going to be a learning curve involved.