Sunday, May 19, 2013

Stone and Trim

Took a stormy trip out to the house on Saturday and I was rewarded for my efforts. Stone has begun and it looks FABULOUS. After seeing a few homes with our same stone, our one worry was that they would be spaced widely apart. The good news is that the stone is grouped VERY tight and we think it looks fantastic. Really happy with the work so far. It is a little darker than we first though, but the contrast with the lighter siding is something we are really excited about!

They also finished our interior trim, including the crown molding and the chair rail. It really is starting to look like a house on the inside as well as the outside. Our granite countertop for the master bath was also in place!

Autumn Buckeye Fieldstone with Sandy Tan siding and Pebble Clay shake

Front porch. The horizontal pieces are for attaching the shutters to the stone. 
Dining Room

Stair Railings

Master Bath Vanity


  1. Love the stone! It really gives a warmth the the exterior

  2. Wonderful porch area. We decided to do a deck instead of a porch. It does add a great deal of charm to the curb appeal.

  3. Wow! That stone looks really, really nice. I also love the master bath vanity. What great choices!

  4. Thank you! We are really excited about the stone. It was one of those "we are definitely getting this" moments of our buying process.

  5. Wow I really like the stone! I wish ours went up the side wall like that.