Tuesday, May 7, 2013

So Much Progress, So Little Time

I see it has been 12 days since my last update. While the outside of the house hasn't changed much, there has been a TON of progress on the inside.  All of the mechanicals are done, and a week ago we had a our pre-drywall meeting. It went great and all of our concerns were addressed. most of them had to do with cracks and holes, all of which were well sealed during the insulation phase. The pre-drywall was last Monday, then the insulation went in, we had our insulation and Energy Star inspections, and now we have drywall up and the first coat of mud on. In addition, all of our doors, cabinets, and trim have arrived, and siding has started going up! Whew, its been quite the week. I need to add my countdown clock as we are currently 45 DAYS FROM CLOSING! Now I'm getting pumped!

Morning Room Windows

Stairs up to the second floor

Doors and More!