Monday, June 17, 2013

It's a House!

Our walkthrough isn't until Wednesday, and we don't close until Friday, but in order to make sure I don't turn out to be one of those bloggers that never posts pictures of the end product, I made sure to get some shots today when I stopped by. Outside of some touch ups and some finishing touches on our stair railings (like clearcoat, ha), things are pretty much...done. So without wasting too much time talking, here's some pictures.
Garage and Driveway

Dining Room, Foyer, and Bottom of Stairs
Powder Room (ignore the man in the mirror...he's a figment of your imagination)
Kitchen from the Great Room
Appliances Up Close
Morning Room

Morning Room Deck Side

Deck from the Morning Room

Great Room

Media Closet


Great Room and Kitchen from the Office

View Up the Stairs

View Down the Stairs

Upstairs Hallway

BR #3

BR #4

Hall Bath Vanity

Hall Bath


BR#2 closet and door

Bonus Room Entrance

Bonus room doors from inside

Bonus Room

Master Windows

Master Bedroom

Master Vanity

Master Tub

Master Shower


Whats behind us (nothing but woods!)
Backyard view

Other side of the back yard


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Getting Close!

10 more days til closing! So close, yet so much to do. Our home is full of blue tape, but things are really starting to come together. We a pre pre-settlement walkthrough with our PM yesterday to go over what is left to be done. Big things are sod, repairing our master vanity (it was installed crooked and when they went to move it they broke the backsplash granite), and fnishing painting and staining of our stair rails. Irrigation and gutters finished up today.  It's hard to believe we're so close. I'm constantly back and forth between not believing how close it is and being crazy impatient that it isn't done yet.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Carpet and Minor Exterior Updates

Took a trip out today and was happy to see that our carpets had been installed! Did a quick look and the seems looked good, so lets hope I'm saying the same thing 2 weeks from now at our pre-settlement walk through. They also finished up our shutters and accent trim on the outside! We're a few stone steps and gutters away from a finished structure!

Master Bedroom Carpet

Upstairs Hallway Carpet

Shutters on porch

Soon to be Home Sweet Home

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Columns, floors, and a Counter Top Fix.

This has been a pretty eventful week. The start was NOT GOOD but the finish looks great.

I'll begin with our granite installation. I stopped by Tuesday and again on Thursday and was very unhappy with the granite installation. There was one corner where the granite install crew shimmed the granite instead of the cabinets to make the counter level. I could go on but the picture below speaks for itself:

Counter before
 Sent an email to our PM and he was prompt in going over to take a look and ensured us they would get it fixed and properly shimmed. We stopped by yesterday and the crew had been at work setting things straight. We're very happy with everything being in correctly.

Counter After
You can see some of the wood shims at the floor (the correct place) and now the granite all lines up! Much happier with the job!

As you can see in that last picture, they had been working hard on our hardwood floors in the same time frame. We are really happy with the outcome of the floors and are looking forward to having carpet!
Morning Room

Media Closet
They had also installed all of our plumbing fixtures, put knobs on the cabinets, and started grading the lot. The last thing they did before we left Saturday was put our columns in place. Now we're a few pieces of trim, some stone finishing, and a yard away from the exterior being done!
With Columns
Its still hard to believe we're less than 3 weeks from calling this house our home. Another exciting tidbit, the house was nice and cool the whole time we were inside, especially with the temps outside topping 90F!