Monday, June 17, 2013

It's a House!

Our walkthrough isn't until Wednesday, and we don't close until Friday, but in order to make sure I don't turn out to be one of those bloggers that never posts pictures of the end product, I made sure to get some shots today when I stopped by. Outside of some touch ups and some finishing touches on our stair railings (like clearcoat, ha), things are pretty much...done. So without wasting too much time talking, here's some pictures.
Garage and Driveway

Dining Room, Foyer, and Bottom of Stairs
Powder Room (ignore the man in the mirror...he's a figment of your imagination)
Kitchen from the Great Room
Appliances Up Close
Morning Room

Morning Room Deck Side

Deck from the Morning Room

Great Room

Media Closet


Great Room and Kitchen from the Office

View Up the Stairs

View Down the Stairs

Upstairs Hallway

BR #3

BR #4

Hall Bath Vanity

Hall Bath


BR#2 closet and door

Bonus Room Entrance

Bonus room doors from inside

Bonus Room

Master Windows

Master Bedroom

Master Vanity

Master Tub

Master Shower


Whats behind us (nothing but woods!)
Backyard view

Other side of the back yard



  1. That is awesome! I don't know what I like the most.... Your kitchen, the master bath or the deck! Everything looks so great! Oh also I love your vanities!

    All the best for closing..... Very excited for you!

  2. It looks great! Now the fun part begins...decorating! Good luck with closing and moving in!

  3. Everything looks perfect Brian. Can't wait to be neighbors and praying your closing goes through without a hitch and that they have the "keys"! LOL Best wishes to you and your beautiful fiancé. I've enjoyed getting to know you guys.

  4. Beautiful home!!

    Good Luck Closing!

  5. How absolutely LOVELY!! Beautiful!!

  6. It is indeed a very fine house. Enjoy :)

  7. Enjoy your new home and all the memories you will have.

  8. Thank you everyone! We can't wait!

  9. Everything looks great! I'm jealous of your backyard. It's so private and already has grass! Congratulations!

  10. What a blessing! Everything looks GREAT. Congratulations that you both enjoy this beautiful home form many... many...many...+ years :)

  11. The Big Day is now around the corner... I hope everything goes perfect tomorrow! Wishing you both a very happy, and blessed life in your new beautiful HOME. :)

  12. This looks so great! I am so happy for you!!!!

  13. I have a random question for you. I believe we moved into our homes around the same time. Our 10 month inspection is coming up and I wanted to see if you were having similar issues. Does your bonus room get really cold? I see it as an issue but they say its because it is located over the garage. Our bonus room is always at least 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the house! I hope you are still loving your home! ~Amber

    1. Ours is typically colder as well (and warmer in the summer). I have been able to make it a little closer to the rest of the house by messing with the HVAC dampers but it isn't perfect and takes some trial and error. And we are still loving it!. I added a contact form at the top of the page...since we are both getting close to the 10 month, contact me there with your e-mail and we can share some of our woes and fixes....I know seeing others in my neighborhood has made me think of things I otherwise would not have.

  14. Hi Brian, my wife and I are building a Palermo. Quick question on the refrigerator opening...we're thinking of a bottom freezer with french doors on top. I am concerned about the one side toward the front dining room. Is there sufficient clearance to open a fridge door the whole way toward that side wall sharing the dining room?

    1. There is and there isn't. I have a French door and we cant slide the fridge all the way against the back wall. To open the door enough to get get our bottom most fridge drawer open the fridge has to be about 6 inches from the wall. If you message me directly I can send you a few pictures.

  15. Is that 15 panel glass door standard to the office? I really like it. Hope ours comes the same way.