Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Need Tips for Pre Construction

Hello all! In a couple of weeks we should be having our pre-construction meeting. I have been looking through a couple of blogs with lists of items to think about and ask about, but I am always looking supplement my knowledge. If anyone has any tips or questions or "oh my God why didn't I think of that at my pre-construction meeting" ideas that I should have in mind, please feel free to pass them on to me here.

Thank you followers and guests for all your help!

Friday, January 25, 2013


That's all the news there is. Our SR said our projected build start is mid-February, so now its just the wait-for-the-date game. In the meantime I'll continue to enjoy hearing about all the builds, closing, post-move-ins and good times that you all are sharing.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Exciting times...

... for someone else. I'm in a nice blackout period of having any news for myself, so I will talk about someone else. Ryan Homes' first home in our neighborhood is going up! Looking forward to when our lot looks a lot more like this. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Need Help Selecting Your Lighting?

If you need help selecting which lighting package you want, let me know, I have something that can help you!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Elevation Change!

Big news today. We went to our 14-day meeting with our SR today thinking we were done with making changes. Little did we know that the lot next to us pulled out of their contract. This was GREAT news for us because the builders in that lot had chosen the elevation that we originally wanted, Elevation D, and therefore we had to choose Elevation E for ours. We also had the option of taking over their lot, but stayed with ours. So now we will be building an Elevation D Palermo! When I get a chance to scan things in I'll show everyone the differences, but we get a larger front porch and ~80SQFT more for a lower price (due to the fact that Elevation D has less stone than E).

In addition to the elevation change, we decided to go with  the Uba Tuba and Maple Cognac in the owners bath. We asked our SR about changing the bowl color and she said that there weren't standard options for that. We'll see if it grows on us once we move in, but even if it doesn't, an undermount sink change isn't too drastic.

We also picked out the location for additional outlets. We needed one in the media closet, and got an additional outlet in the garage.  Props to RickandNadese for the suggestion to get an outlet under the master vanity! We think that will be a great addition. We also added one in the closet just-in-case.

One step closer to construction!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Flooring Picked!

We picked our flooring! While I expected some hard-fought battles between my fiance and myself, we ended up agreeing more often then not. We'll start with the downstairs:

For starters, we selected hardwood floors for the foyer, mudroom, powder room, dining room, kitchen, and morning room. We ended up with a cherry stained 2-1/4" hardwood. Props to whoever suggested asking about the transition to the carpet because they flooring company did NOT offer a turnboard standard, so we made the request to have a turnboard transition into the great room.  Here is a picture of the floors with our kitchen cabinets (Scottsdale Maple Cognac) and our kitchen granite (Uba Tuba)

We went with the standard carpet and Upgrade "A" pad. Our carpet color is Warm Stone. Here is the carpet next to our floors.

Upstairs, we chose the same Warm Stone carpet and Upgrade A pad. In the laundry room, we stayed with the vinyl flooring, pictured below.

In the shared bathroom upstairs, we used the "Upgrade B" tile. Our cabinets will be Andover Maple Spice with the standard countertop. We have the Fidenza Cafe 12" floor tiles and the standard 6" wall tile. We decided to stick with the white tile to match the countertops and the tub.

In the master bath, we have the "Upgrade C" tile package, with the same Fidenza Cafe floor tiles on the floors and around the tub and in the shower. Our listello that we picked is shown below. We thought it would contrast with the tile and match our countertops. We are planning on getting Uba Tuba in the master bath as well, and we may upgrade to Maple Cognac cabinets.  The only thing I don't like about the bathroom granite is that all of the countertops come with a white ceramic bowl. Does anyone know if it is possible to request something different? I would LOVE a black ceramic bowl instead, I think it would blend really nicely.

I almost forgot to ask about the soap dish before we left. Since we are getting the shower with the seat, we opted not to have any soap dish. We didn't really like the ledge with the tile we chose, and plan on getting a stainless shower caddy to hold everything anyway.

And that's it I think! Tomorrow we meet with our wonderful SR to finalize changes. Since we've had all our meetings, this will serve as our 14-day and 1-month meeting and we will be locked into our Palermo! We're excited...now its the long wait for construction.

Wiring Meeting

This is the first of my very excited posts for the day! We had our meeting with the low-voltage wiring company today. That was my time to get excited. Very happy to be getting surround sound installed and really happy with what they are doing with our media closet. Since we don't have a basement, all of our terminations for cable and telephone terminate in the closet under the stairs. That will be our media closet as well, with distribution for cable to just about every room, data to the great room, home office, and bonus room, and 5.1 surround sound/hdmi/infrared to the great room. 

The only place that could really be considered an "upgrade" is our surround sound system. We opted for their mid-tier, with Klipsch CDT-3800 C II for the front and center channels, and CDT-3650 C II for the surround speakers. Great sound coming my way!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Flooring and Electrical Meetings Tomorrow

Tomorrow we have our meetings to firm up our selections, first with the low-voltage wiring company and then with the flooring company. I have an idea of what I want with wiring (some surround sound, extra cable and networking drops, and wiring for wall-mounted tv's), and we have some idea of what we want with the bathrooms but we won't know for sure until we get there tomorrow. If anyone is following this blog secretly (since I am currently my only follower), do have any tips or questions that I should ask NOW so that I don't get into trouble in the future? Anything and everything is welcome.