Friday, January 4, 2013

Flooring Picked!

We picked our flooring! While I expected some hard-fought battles between my fiance and myself, we ended up agreeing more often then not. We'll start with the downstairs:

For starters, we selected hardwood floors for the foyer, mudroom, powder room, dining room, kitchen, and morning room. We ended up with a cherry stained 2-1/4" hardwood. Props to whoever suggested asking about the transition to the carpet because they flooring company did NOT offer a turnboard standard, so we made the request to have a turnboard transition into the great room.  Here is a picture of the floors with our kitchen cabinets (Scottsdale Maple Cognac) and our kitchen granite (Uba Tuba)

We went with the standard carpet and Upgrade "A" pad. Our carpet color is Warm Stone. Here is the carpet next to our floors.

Upstairs, we chose the same Warm Stone carpet and Upgrade A pad. In the laundry room, we stayed with the vinyl flooring, pictured below.

In the shared bathroom upstairs, we used the "Upgrade B" tile. Our cabinets will be Andover Maple Spice with the standard countertop. We have the Fidenza Cafe 12" floor tiles and the standard 6" wall tile. We decided to stick with the white tile to match the countertops and the tub.

In the master bath, we have the "Upgrade C" tile package, with the same Fidenza Cafe floor tiles on the floors and around the tub and in the shower. Our listello that we picked is shown below. We thought it would contrast with the tile and match our countertops. We are planning on getting Uba Tuba in the master bath as well, and we may upgrade to Maple Cognac cabinets.  The only thing I don't like about the bathroom granite is that all of the countertops come with a white ceramic bowl. Does anyone know if it is possible to request something different? I would LOVE a black ceramic bowl instead, I think it would blend really nicely.

I almost forgot to ask about the soap dish before we left. Since we are getting the shower with the seat, we opted not to have any soap dish. We didn't really like the ledge with the tile we chose, and plan on getting a stainless shower caddy to hold everything anyway.

And that's it I think! Tomorrow we meet with our wonderful SR to finalize changes. Since we've had all our meetings, this will serve as our 14-day and 1-month meeting and we will be locked into our Palermo! We're its the long wait for construction.


  1. Brian, great selections!

    If you are still considering the color of the cabinets take a look at the Rushmore Maple Square butterscotch cabinets with ubatuba granite and the listello you chose. Check it out! The colors look great together.

  2. You've probably already had your meeting by now, but I would definitely ask about the black sink. It would be a non-standard request, I'm sure, but if you only have one or two NSRs they're more likely to grant them.

  3. Awesome selections!! It does seem like forever between selections, finalization, and building!