Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Need Tips for Pre Construction

Hello all! In a couple of weeks we should be having our pre-construction meeting. I have been looking through a couple of blogs with lists of items to think about and ask about, but I am always looking supplement my knowledge. If anyone has any tips or questions or "oh my God why didn't I think of that at my pre-construction meeting" ideas that I should have in mind, please feel free to pass them on to me here.

Thank you followers and guests for all your help!


  1. Here's a link to our blog about our pre-construction meeting...

  2. Your blog was the first place I went looking M. Good tips and great things to consider.

  3. I have a post on my blog too but I'm pretty sure I got a lot of it from M. That list is so comprehensive!

  4. Just be completely aware of all your choices and that they are listed!!

  5. I agree with DW...our non standard request was not included in the paperwork that our PM had so he penciled it in. Apparantly the SR had not gotten the final approval yet so it hadn't made it in to the paperwork that the PM had. Also- make sure you have the final change list in front of you and that you know exactly what you asked for...the SR also forgot to include the oil rubbed bronze hardware upgrade that we had asked for so that had to be added in to the list that the PM had and also into our mortgage price.

    The biggest thing is that no question is inconsequential to ask. This is your home and you need to be completely aware of what you are getting.