Friday, January 4, 2013

Wiring Meeting

This is the first of my very excited posts for the day! We had our meeting with the low-voltage wiring company today. That was my time to get excited. Very happy to be getting surround sound installed and really happy with what they are doing with our media closet. Since we don't have a basement, all of our terminations for cable and telephone terminate in the closet under the stairs. That will be our media closet as well, with distribution for cable to just about every room, data to the great room, home office, and bonus room, and 5.1 surround sound/hdmi/infrared to the great room. 

The only place that could really be considered an "upgrade" is our surround sound system. We opted for their mid-tier, with Klipsch CDT-3800 C II for the front and center channels, and CDT-3650 C II for the surround speakers. Great sound coming my way!

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  1. AWESOME! This is what I love about the blogs--it helps you make informative choices. There is nothing like having all your media in one location!!