Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New Ryan Homes Master Tub

In the process of our build, we were surprised to see bathtubs show up on site that are different from those in the model. As many of you know, Ryan Homes changes their standard suppliers from time to time. As it turns out we caught the new supplier cycle for tubs at the beginning. I have provided a picture of the master tub below as it shows the biggest difference. At first we were turned off by the new tub, but after doing a little research, and sitting in this new behemoth (believe me its noticeably wider and deeper and longer than the previous RH tube) we are definitely happy with the change. I've also hunted down the supplier and provided links to the products that we received as best I could, which I am assuming will become universal for RH in the near future.

Master Bath Tub

Shower Pan

Hall Bath


  1. Our PM told us the other day that we were getting different showers than what was in the Palermo he was walking us through. I wonder if we'll get the new soaking tub, too. Probably - most of their vendors/suppliers are nationwide, right?

  2. I wonder what the tub will be for those getting the angled tub (since they build the frame and drop it in). Hopefully it's bigger than what they currently have too! I also like how the hall tub has more corner space to put shampoo and conditioner bottles. We decided to not add a shelf in the hall shower since our son wouldn't be able to reach it.

  3. Hello Brian,

    Just found your blog...Congrats on your new Palermo. Its a great floor plan! And loved all your selections. And you hit the 50 Members mark with me!! Wooo Hooooooo!

    We are building a Lincolnshire with RH, I recently started documenting it http://ryanhomeslincolnshire.blogspot.com/

  4. Those are much better tubs than the standard (my opinion anyway). Very cool.

    1. Our PM and SR explained multiple times that these are much better construction than the old tubs. Not sure that I was worried about that to begin with, but the bigger size is really a plus.

  5. I love it! Hope that is what we get too!


  6. Nice, curious to see if this is across all their communities, I would love nicer tubs in all the baths.