Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Starting to Look Like a Home!

They put our roof trusses on today! They are really moving now. PM says they will be finishing up framing over the next few days. Plumbing could start as early as Saturday! And our pre-drywall should be coming next week.

I have my meeting with Structured Cable (our version of Guardian, the company most RH bloggers seem to use) on Friday to select our locations for low-voltage wiring. I hope they are ready for how an engineer picks the placement of his home theater system.

And what you have really wanted to see, the pictures:


  1. I think the model home in our area has a similar elevation. It looks great and I love the side entry garage!

  2. That's exciting! :) I can't believe how fast they move....

  3. Thank you all! Really excited about the progress. should be getting the roof finished and stairs by Saturday...I can't wait to go stand in my bedroom.