Monday, April 22, 2013

Roof is Almost Done

The crew was hard at work Saturday putting our roof up.  Should finish up today while our plumbing is getting installed.  And hopefully we will get stairs today!


  1. looks great !! I love all the trees in the back !

  2. It looks like a home. Yay!! How exciting.

  3. Looks great... you will be a drywall stage in no time

  4. Yes, the roof was looking nicely from this angle. What material did you use for it, by the way? How about adding some skylights? I think it would be nice to have some light coming in from above. :) -->Joanne

    1. Thanks Joanne. The material as best as I know is 3/4" plywood. And skylights might be nice, but I can't even begin to imagine what a non-standard like that would cost.

  5. I'm guessing that before the countdown hits zero, that house will be done for good. It looks like you’re making good progress!
    - Rolf Matchen

  6. I'm very impressed on how that house looks. Having many windows is just ideal to have the right amount of ventilation. Also, how the roofs are slanted is perfect. Debris will easily fall to the ground with it.
    - Soo Eaton